Drinking With A Purpose

Pints of Interest. Clever, yeah? I was stone cold sober when I came up with that title.

Originally, PoI was a little sidebar project of a bigger blog that was just about whatever I felt like writing that day. It lasted a month. I found myself “too busy” to sit down and pop out an entry on anything I wanted. But even after I stopped writing in it, I found myself drinking a beer at Crystal Cove State Park thinking, “This would be a nice place to do a Pint of Interest…too bad I suck at life and don’t keep up with my blog.”

But perhaps if my blog is nothing but Pints of Interest!

So, I give to you…Pints of Interest!

Now, this isn’t a blog about me having beers at places that anyone can stop by and have a brew at. I won’t be posting Pints of Interest for my local Applebee’s. (Don’t get me wrong, Applebee’s if fucking delicious.) But it doesn’t have the kind of kick I’m looking for. I’m talking about the beers that come along on great adventures. Like a beer on top of a mountain. Or a beer on top of the Space Needle. Or a beer while leaning against a tree that is 4000 years old, older than any other living ┬áthing on earth. Places that are rare, or hard to get to. Places with a story behind them, even if the place is just a camp site in the Sierra Nevada. It’s more about the story than it is about the beer. The beer it just good to have. C’mon now, it’s beer! Everyone loves beer.

So sit back, relax, and crack a cold one and let me be your slightly inebriated tour guide to adventure!

[NOTE: I’ll get around to changing the URL from coastandchronicle.com to the sites actual name as soon as I can.]